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The key to success is to be passionate about what we do

We design unique millinery pieces born out of artistic passion and the creative impulse.

We started many years ago creating elaborate pieces for the catwalk, working together with haute couture masters in fashion shows. In some cases, our work has attracted the same attention and praise as the clothing itself. Over time, we have introduced hats and headpieces that can be worn on special occasions or even every day, pieces that combine a classic cut with a touch of the modern and exotic.

Tolentino hats are always hand-made to order. Each single piece is individually crafted by our milliners and personally supervised by Manuel or Felipe.

“Felipe Vivas and Manuel Carrion make hats that have become symbols of the contemporary woman, underlining her strength, personality and lifestyle”


Felipe Vivas working on one of his designs

The Founders

                       Felipe Vivas

                       Manuel Carrión

Contact | Contacto


C/ Americo Vespucio, 5 blq 2 local 7, 41092, Sevilla.


+34 656 973 535

We Kindly ask to do your first contact through e-mail | Se ruega, contacten preferiblemente a través de e-mail
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